Welcome to the new BawaHealth.org

I wanted to post this the other day when the site went live, but time and tides were against me. Who am I. Well, I am Matthew Kovacevich, I manged the development of this new website for BawaHealth and wanted to just run through some of the interesting things you will find here at BawaHealth.

From time to time I will be making blog postings about the site, about the mission of BawaHealth and about other items related to our work here and around the world. Mostly I am behind the scenes, but you can always email me at matthew@thaloblue.com

Now a bit of thanks to the team that made this a reality.

Thanks the teams at ThaloBlue and MainelySEO. They are the design and production team that have guided this project from it start to, well, right now. Then I want to make sure to thank the leadership team at BawaHealth: Drs. Richardson, Dondji and Rev. Margaret Jay for the vision and leadership behind this site. Also the entire village

There are a lot of new features and exciting things to share with anyone who is reading this entry but remember why you are here. Please take the time to donate today, a tour of our cool new site can wait until my next post. Until then, explore.