Lend a hand. Volunteerism is sweeping its way across our country; and comes with a world of reward.

If you have an interest in working alongside like-minded individuals in support of a meaningful cause, here are some examples of ways you can help:

  • Sponsor one of the co-founders to come to your church or school
  • Sell Martin’s Bags (A Fair Trade Project in Progress)
  • Sell all occasion or holiday cards made by BHI volunteers
  • Partner with Dean’s Beans 100% Organic & Fair Trade to sell their coffee & chocolate
  • Host a Bawalkathon or Outhouse Olympics event. Contact Kristen Richardson for details!
  • Host a Bed Nets for Bawa Campaign

Our mission of bringing health to the village of Bawa, Cameroon is going strong. Help us achieve our goals. Contact us today with your ideas.