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“We must all carry our share of the misery
which lies upon the world.” – Albert Schweitzer
Bawa, Cameroon, West Africa | There are many places in Africa to send aid, with little knowledge of its effect. Our goal is a little different: we want to empower the people of Bawa, so that they can transform our help into sustainable health practices that they can share with their neighbors. When we first went to Bawa, the villagers needed clean drinking water, bed nets and medicine for parasitic diseases. We have helped provide all these things, as well as the essential education needed to sustain equipment and new health practices. The villagers are stronger, healthier and more productive now that some of the most pervasive and debilitating diseases have been greatly reduced by our efforts. Our greatest goal now is to build a local clinic, nurse's residence, and health education center, all of which can eventually be maintained by the village leaders with minimal outside help.  We have had a strong partnership and bonds of friendship with them since 2005. Learn more about Bawa, then partner with us to Empower a Village.  
Video: Dr. Dennis Richardson gives a short talk about the Bawa Health Initiative.  
Video: Dr. Dennis Richardson visits the school children of Bawa In June 2010, Dr. Dennis Richardson, co-founder of Bawa Health Initiative met with many village leaders and helped to grow the shared bond of international friendship and progress. One special moment during this journey was his tour of the village school. Link to videos and interviews here.


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