The Village of Bawa

Bawa is a rural village of more than 400 people in the West Province of Cameroon, Africa located about 10.5 miles to the southwest of the regional commercial city of Dschang. Like the surrounding villages, the inhabitants of Bawa belong to the Bamiléké ethnic group found mostly in the West Region of Cameroon. The Bamiléké is one of the 256 ethnic groups in Cameroon. Cameroon is a bilingual country with French and English as official languages. Bawa is located in the mostly French speaking area of the country. However, some of the villages surrounding Bawa use mostly English as their primary official language. Nearby villages include Ntah, Nloh, Nlegoh, Bawa-Nka…. Bawa lies in a transitional region between the rainforest and upland savannah where the landscape is hilly with rocky outcroppings.

Where BAWA is located.