Our Work

Steady Progress

Malaria, water borne diarrheal diseases, and worm infections, combined with severe malnutrition ravage entire villages throughout sub Saharan Africa, and the village of Bawa is no exception.

The global numbers are staggering

  • 2 billion people are infected with worms 500 million suffer from malaria
  • 884 million people lack access to improved water
  • 2.6 billion do not use improved sanitation. Millions die because of intestinal infection in combination with malnutrition.
  • Undernutrition itself is directly or indirectly responsible for at least 35% of global deaths in children less than five years of age.
  • 186 million (32%) of children in developing nations are stunted and about 55 million (10%) are wasted.

Unsafe drinking water and inadequate sanitation have been implicated as the source of 2.5 billion cases of diarrhea in children under five each year, leading to 1.5 million deaths. Most of these deaths are children in developing countries, and the majority is in sub Saharan Africa. Water borne diarrheal diseases include bacterial diseases such as typhoid and cholera, and diseases such as amebiasis and giardiasis infect nearly 500 million and 200 million at any given time, respectively.

Our work in the Village of BAWA has had an amazing effect.

Health is a human right. You can help Bawa by donating now.

Footnote: Data are from Malaria, Intestinal Parasitic Infection, Anemia, and Malnourishment in Rural Cameroonian Villages with an Assessment of Early Interventions by D. J. Richardson, K. R. Richardson, K. E. Richardson, J. Gross, P. Tsekeng, B. Dondji, and S. Foulefack, from the Journal of the Arkansas Academy of Science, Vol. 65, p. 72-97.